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A few lines about communication

Para amenizar la lectura de hoy, un viejo vídeo de Paco de Lucía tocando en lo que parece ser la cocina de algún bareto de pueblo. La pregunta que podríamos hacernos tiene que ver con medios y resultados. Dénle una vueltecita :)

An excerpt from "The communication Man"
A few years ago died a citizen of New York who during his life had been mugged 72 times –seventy-two!–. Curiously, he died not as a consequence of one of those aggressions –supposedly, the last and definitive–, but of natural death.
And who was that law-abiding good citizen? A policeman, a dealer, a troublemaker, a brawler?
By no means; actually he was a most normal citizen, who was living in Manhattan, in a not especially dangerous zone; and his job was not a specially risky one; he was a clerk in an office –insurance, I recall–.

Then, what was happening to him?

How is it possible that he had such “bad luck?” And, was it really “bad luck”? Or, put in other words, was he "communicating" something negative that could propitiate those assaults?

Inversely, there are people who can walk thru dangerous places and nothing happens to them, ever.

What is the explanation, whether it would exist? Is it possible that they communicate something special to those who could be tempted of trying an assault?

Think about this: What about his non-verbal language? What was he “saying” –without using any uttered words- to the tentative thugs and muggers he used to come across?

Well, it has to do with “personal Communication”, and thus, depending on how you master it, you will yield positive or negative outcomes.

Actually, some time ago, some colleagues of mine made a comment that sounded full of common sense: " There are many famous people, many politicians, who communicate very poorly and who nevertheless are very successful. Then, why should I have to develop my communication skills?”

Our response, after pondering it a few minutes was:
“If you come from a privileged sociocultural environment, if you have a wide net of relatives with strong economical or political supports; if you have some spectacular physical looks; if you have an extroverted character, then probably your communication skills do not have that much relevancy in order to be successful in your life –personnel or professional–”.

But if you are not blessed with any the above mentioned assets, you better start working and try to get advantage of what you have –a lot or a little, but that’s what we’ve got– as a human being, and concentrate on developing your personal skills, and especially the Communication ones.

Frase del día

13. I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.
Adolf Hitler

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